Greetings My Beautiful Geniuses

I am Darwin Prophet, Thematic Traveler & aural exhibitionist; collecting color from the tapestry of thought, riding the mirror of time, dragging the audience kicking & dreaming into literacy -
Darwin Prophet and the Chronus MIrror - Thematic Travelers from planet Mi of the galaxy Solfege, will take you on a sonic journey across a symphony of history and into futuresong. Darwin, with her companions Maestro on violin and DarKrys on viola, voice and percussion, bring you Literary Rock in vibrant aural exhibitions. Transforming myth & legend of yestermorrows into songs of timeless beauty, DPCM blends ethereal groove & aesthetic charm with a touch of steam in a dance of concentric infinity. Imagine Oscar Wilde, Kate Bush, Harry Nilsson and Douglas Adams having tea and jamming with the Doctor. Don't Panic...


Darwin Prophet : songs, voice, guitar, keys, porchboard
Maestro : violin & assorted stringed things
DarKrys : viola, voice, percussion

Saddler : Bass

 Steampunk Invasion Sept 12th Dallas   Steampunk November  Nov 8-9th-Midlothian, TX


Don't Panic!Official Video by Tim Stevens

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Serenade with the Chronus MIrror

The Harlot"s House

Judgement Day with The Chronus MIrror

Victorian Session:Nightingale & The Rose

Haloseum:Chronus Mirror in Goggles


The Victorian Sessions

The Victorian Sessions

by Darwin Prophet & The Chronus Mirror

Four pieces of Oscar Wilde's Serenade captured in the timeless vault of Nomad in Dallas, Texas; the baldwin grand emotes a rapturous vibe as Darwin creates a simpler perception of OW's collaboration.The symbiosis of Maestro and Gertrude,the 1805 violin, embody the spirit of Oscar's voice. Engineered by superior- Nematic JT Longoria, to perfect the nuance of the gas lamp glow in the salon where Neo wave Elitists toast the Aesthetes of late Victoriana.

  1. 1 Free [Lyrics] Canzonet 03:57
  2. 2 Free [Lyrics] In The Gold Room 04:49
  3. 3 Free La Mer 02:58