Greetings My Beautiful Geniuses

I am Darwin Prophet, Thematic Traveler & aural exhibitionist; collecting color from the tapestry of thought, riding the mirror of time, dragging the audience kicking & dreaming into literacy -
Darwin Prophet and the Chronus MIrror - Thematic Travelers from planet Mi of the galaxy Solfege, will take you on a sonic journey across a symphony of history and into futuresong. Darwin, with her companions Maestro on violin and DarKrys on viola, voice and percussion, bring you Literary Rock in vibrant aural exhibitions. Transforming myth & legend of yestermorrows into songs of timeless beauty, DPCM blends ethereal groove & aesthetic charm with a touch of steam in a dance of concentric infinity. Imagine Oscar Wilde, Kate Bush, Harry Nilsson and Douglas Adams having tea and jamming with the Doctor. Don't Panic...


Darwin Prophet : songs, voice, guitar, keys, porchboard
Maestro : violin & assorted stringed things
DarKrys : viola, voice, percussion

Saddler : Bass



Don't Panic!Official Video by Tim Stevens


We are thrilled to be a part of Steampunk Invasion - a weekend of living history with the retro futurists of the age gathering for the event of the season in Dallas,Texas

Join the Children of the Evolution


Get evolved in the future of AllTime in the here & now

Serenade with the Chronus MIrror

The Harlot"s House

Judgement Day with The Chronus MIrror

Victorian Session:Nightingale & The Rose

Haloseum:Chronus Mirror in Goggles


The Victorian Sessions

The Victorian Sessions

by Darwin Prophet & The Chronus Mirror

Four pieces of Oscar Wilde's Serenade captured in the timeless vault of Nomad in Dallas, Texas; the baldwin grand emotes a rapturous vibe as Darwin creates a simpler perception of OW's collaboration.The symbiosis of Maestro and Gertrude,the 1805 violin, embody the spirit of Oscar's voice. Engineered by superior- Nematic JT Longoria, to perfect the nuance of the gas lamp glow in the salon where Neo wave Elitists toast the Aesthetes of late Victoriana.

  1. 1 Free [Lyrics] Canzonet 03:57
  2. 2 Free [Lyrics] In The Gold Room 04:49
  3. 3 Free La Mer 02:58