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Hello Cruel World

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sound created and captured by Darwin in the cage under the bed


if i cry a little sunday morning it is not the rain washing away the tender tragedies we stumbled on
today we have to laugh at all the innocence we threw away, what is there to say to all the people you have loved for no good reason
you never give up on me you never lean too hard but you will let me hold you in the dreams we fly so damned high we run out of sky
never say goodbye hello cruel world read the news today i made up with myself and i think i'd rather stay hello cruel world
you have made a friend i can promise you i will be here until the very end painting every memory in a mirror face the music
wearing smiles of watercolor etch-a-sketch the mona lisa different everytime we fall into a meaningful charade changing
with the wave hello cruel world... if i die a little one day warning i am not afraid