1. PULSE

From the recording PULSE

written, performed and produced by Darwin Prophet


colorful kids gather to celebrate
pasty boy bully giving into hate
he's loaded, dressed to kill and crashed the gate
DIVE under the table
HIDE in the bathroom
CRY in the closet
Five in the corner
Fly with the force
flesh and bone
Check your pulse
Check your pulse
9,10,11,12 ,13 gone
Here just to dance, drink and have some fun
In a flash
A monster with a gun
Takes out his terror on everyone
14 to 21, I knew then
I wAS different, not like normal "them"
looking for someone to confide in
secrets to tell to my only friend
WHY is it so hard
LIE to fit in
TRY to be real
But all my kin say I'm a sin
I'm not the problem
You're not the boss
God knows the answer
Check your pulse
Check your pulse
How does one inhuman act define
The lives of 22 to 49
how many graves will it take
to draw the line
while demons destroy the divine
words and music by Darwin Prophet 6/13/2022