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WHY (The Companion's Lament)

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"Why" is a lament for all the varied companions of the Doctor (Doctor Who for the uninitiated) , an exercise in interrogatives, and a bit of fun for the fandom.


Who is looking out
Who is looking in
Who is in the mirror,
Where do I step in?What's behinf the next door
Which road do I choose?
How can I be a winner when there is nothing to lose
Why? I believe in you
The Doctor has all the answers and I understand that
Why is the question I dont wanna ask
But try to give me one good reason I won't see you on the flipside
Who will walk alone
Who will wear the mask
Where the truth is hiding
What's inside the glass
Where there is no more time
Where my magic ends
What makes you think I could ever give up on a friend.
Why? I believe in you...
Nothing is impossible with the right key
You will find me
Something this improbable is meant to be,
just ask me
Why? I believe in you, The Doctor...