1. Mockingjay

From the recording Haloseum

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For Susan Collins and her amazing story of the Hunger Games.


dig a little deeper in the shifting sand
there's a buried treasure and the proof
hunt a little harder
by the hanging tree
fly straight as an arrow to the Truth
when you see Snow, you smell the roses
faded, laid upon the grave of innocence

Why can't I fly away?
Why can't I fly?
Why can't I fly away, if I am what you say...Mockingjay
Time to play mockingjay

hunger in the shadows
jacker in the veins
i'm up a tree, hole in my boot
waking in the dark, the cannons shake the sky
i'm a puppet playing for a a parachute
where there is fire, the smoke will keep the memories safe
for the day of deliverence

Why can't I fly away?....

I am not Prim, I am not proper, I'm not even nice
I might be grim and prone to slaughter
I wouldn't think twice
better put me on ice
cos my wings are catching fire

Why can't I fly away? ....