1. Miracle Day

From the recording Haloseum

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Miracle Day

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For Torchwood Institute, Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen, and the gang. I will forever be in love with the immortal John Barrowman, Russell T Davies and the team that brought me this continuing (yes, more books and audio books...yum) tale...it's the 21st century when everything changes, we've got to be ready.
Horns by Eric Ward, Bass by James Mahaffey - all else by Darwin


Today is a miracle
We beat the reaper at his own game
Today we found eternity
Are we human or do we need a new name?
Maybe we are angels, maybe we are devils
Does being immortal make us good?
Some will make this heaven, some will make this hell
Will you live forever, if you could?

Who'll carry the torch, would you burn the cities down?
Turn the light of reason into ashes on the ground
Who will choose to carry on til only hope is dead
When the world is upside down, begin at the end

Today is a brave new world
For human nature relies on faith
The day that we give it up, the spirit withers
With no one to save
Maybe there's a reason we can't find a cure
Who will be redeemer of my soul
Nothing to believe in
No final reward
Will we waste forever growing old?

Who'll carry the torch, would you? .....
Oh, my bleeding heart's still beating
Stop this feeling, make way for miracle day
Oh my bleeding heart's still beating,
stop this feeling, make way for miracle day,
oh my beating heart's still bleeding
stop this feeling, pray. stay outta my way