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Lets Be Bad Guys

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To the beloved crew of Serenity, the tales of Firefly, and the love it keeps in the air. Shiny.
Horns by Eric Ward, bass by James Mahaffey - everything else by Darwin


Hold your breath, count to ten
Feel the pulse of her engine purring like a cool kitten
This boat's taking off again
No rest for the wicked, we'll sleep when we die
They say that good girls go to heaven....shiny
Let's be bad guys

Ain't about buttons and charts, you know, my little albatross
Ain't about what's right or fair,
Love's what keeps her in the air
NO power in the 'verse keeps me from my sky
Being good's got nothing but worse
Shiny, Let's be bad guys

Hey little one, understand your part in all this, do ya?
It's what I do, darling, it's what I do
Got a big gun in your hand
But ya never been kissed
It is all true
Two by two
Hands of Blue coming for you

I am a leaf on the wind
I got something to believe in
Til they lay me in my grave, I aim to misbehave
Companions to sheperds learn a little lie can save soul,
Sweet are the words, "Let's be bad guys"
Let's be bad guys