1. Encore

From the recording Haloseum

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I wrote this for my dad, JB Davis, opera singer, writer, painter, scholar, composer and bigger than life.


What can I tell you about him you don't already know
Larger than life, and full of it!
The star of every show, even when the part was small he sang with all his heart
And left you wanting more
I can hear "Ol' Man River" roaring on the rocks
A rusty nail where hangs the tale of crocodiles and cuckoo clocks
Cabbages and Kings, curious things that make me think and left me wanting

More, crying out ENCORE!
Wherever did he go? Does he know the show isn't over?

She says she only misses him when she's breathing
Without his laughter there's more room tween her and the ceiling
Even when it's crashing down
The walls echo the sound of him, and leave her wanting

More, crying out ENCORE! Where ever did he go? Does he know the show isn't over?

Does he know how much he is loved?
Does he hear applause up above?
Walking the floor, dimming the lights, there's an empty chair on opening night

ENCORE! We need a little more before we walk through that door