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Daddy's Little Angel

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Here's to Neil Gaiman and his peculiar, passionate, playful, macabre imagination. Thanks for all of it, but this is esp for Lucifer Morningstar.


There's a good amount of shame seeing it in the light
Everything has changed
Thought I was here to fight for right, for wrong, carry on
I am the only one who might notice
I am no longer capable of flight

Someone stole my wings
And knowing that I'd do anything to get em back
Throw the devil's coin into the well
Tell my lover I have a soul to sell
Promise heaven while I drag you to hell
I am not Daddy's little angel
Some like it hot
Daddy's little angel, whatcha got?
Daddy's little angel's grounded

If I keep it all inside, will it pour through the cracks
Remember how to lie
Pretend it's just an act
Forget the facts, stay on track
I keep returning to the black where the shadows hide the scars on my back

Some one stole my wings....

I'm the light in the dark
Lucifer Morningstar, I have been where you are

I am NOT Daddy's little angel....