1. Go Andy GoGo

From the recording Haloseum

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Go Andy GoGo

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For the unique and memorable life artist Andy Warhol and his Factory


Andy had it down
The King of mental braille
They would've locked him up but he could always make bail
Famous for a soup can, coloring Monroe
Making all his friends star in a picture show
You can call it 'art' it is so-so sincere
If it had a heart, it would be something to fear'

Go Andy Go-go, dancing on a page
Go Andy go-go, all the world's your stage
You never play yourself, when you can play somebody else
A fool born every minute is another soul to sell something
From the Factory where you keep all the swells painting canvas prisons
GO Andy go-go, dancing on a dime
Go Andy go-go, we think you're divine
You could see the Truth that in the future game
Every nobody will have fifteen minutes of fame
Must be rolling over, laughing in your grave
You were right when you said , "Life is all television."

You can be cool too, if you can just look bored
Glitter up your wig, pretend to be ignored
You can eat a whopper on the silver screen
And in your silence, make em wonder what you mean
Everybody'd buying when you're selling out
As long as your refuse to say what it's about

Go Andy go-go....
Do you think they get it? No?
Kitchen sink? Forget it, go ask a shrink and let em know,
nothing here is real

Go Andy go-go...