1. Judgement Day
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Judgement Day

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sound created and captured by Darwin in the cage under the bed, with special guest DarKrystal on second vocal


ct world in a perfect moment a star fell out of the sky tempered by the water of the ocean's
daughter and hand and hand plunged into fire tto seek the word to light the way a blade was forged by man and fey to link
the worlds a promise made the sword is your on judgement day in heaven's reflection we can see perfection i'll carry you
inside my heart to turn wrong to right won't give up the fight end up where we're willing to start to seek the truth through all
the pain the light is hard on those who crave the dramatic scenarios we played the last of yours on judgement day
i can see myself clearly as i see you wondering how we have come this far so many perceptions and perfect intentions
ripped apart the nature of art we cling to words to mend the rift a promise made upon a wish a serenade the perfect fit
the only thing you thought was it wasn't everything you wanted isn't tainted taunted by memories of devotion resurrect
emotion from pandora's ocean maybe this time i will drown believe a truth for just in time i paid the cover for a rhyme
i was the joke, muse, and oasis once upon your mind