1. Don't Panic
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Don't Panic

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sound created & captured by Darwin in the cage under the bed. Dedicated to the brilliant minds of Gene Roddenberry,Douglas Adams & Delta Male


I wanna know you biblically read between the line rises up to your head and down to your toes i wanna make you big wiggly think in circles cosmic boy touch the infinity that's right under your nose. You know you boldy go where no man's ever thought to go, the captain of your trip has lost her grip, but she won't let it show if you slip into a black hole, don't panic. if you can see into my soul, don't panic, i won't let go. Breath a little deeper sugar cookie, i can smell you baking up the idea that you can control the galaxy! you might just have a brain that waves a wee bit faster warp than all the mortals you have tasted before feeding me - you know you boldly go - think more with your fingers, and less with your tongue tied logical concluding you can't have your seed and smoke it too, i could be the anomoly, i could be the missing link between reality and your point of view