1. Be All Right
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Be All Right

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sound created and captured by Darwin in the cage under the bed


these keys will belong to someone else i won't forget to lock the door behind memy whole life it seems
i had you at my fingertips and in my heart now i'm learning how to let go, i just gotta let go this is not my home anymore
this is not my heart on the floor take another step toward the doorcos i promised you i would be alright i promised you i would
leave tonight this ring is tucked away in a box i wore it so long it was part of my hand now i'm naked as my finger must be
something i forgot to pack but i guessi just gotta let go... this is not my home... this key no longer opens the door but i like
to wear it to remind me another life is waiting to lead if i can stop looking back at all i've had to let go... this is not my home...