Butterfly Tree
  • Butterfly Tree
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To listen to what you've never heard, but always known. Inspired by the migrating monarchs who's descendents track instinctively the same branches to whom their ancestors were drawn, songwriters Rick Del Castillo and Darwin Prophet lit upon the emerald leaves of a Seattle breeze and created a place beyond, the images of birth in 'I Am Alive", the cloister of Hildegard Von Bingen's experience in "The Sound of Breathing", the Sybilline Mysteries initiation in "CIrcle", a love song from Aphrodite to Christ in "First Stone", the essence of immortality created by love in "Rainbow Bridge". The spirit of John Lennon helped to write "Love", "Awakening" recalls summer solstice at Standing Stones, and "Anthem" is a slice of majesty, a fitting finale in a journey of the mind well fed.

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