Don't Panic
  • Don't Panic
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Sounds emerging from the Chronus Mirror include the sensuous and silly homage to Douglas Adams & Gene Rodennberry, title track "Don't Panic", jedi mind melder "Do or Die", time traveling secrets revealed in "The Mirror", the ELO inspired "Hello Cruel World" a happy little ditty bout life, the universe and everything, "Long as We Live" - the ONLY happy love song I believe has ever solidified in my brain, ok not totally happy, kinda pleading, but its an anthem, so it counts!  "Be all Right" - the acceptence of the changing face of love and "Medusa"  - the reflection of the stoney face of jealousy have evolved from their "Cosmic Radio" vibrations into focused polished transmissions, and "Harmony" which whisks you into the world of Planet Mi,along with introductions to Nemes, Themes and Schemes. Which of course, you will totally get once you have delved into the three chapters of "The History of Planet Mi" - and more visitations into the gray (and every other conceivable color) matter of my experience

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