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In the early transmissions between the host, muse and alien, a personality dubbed wyrdgrl emerged from the chaos of a lost queendom, and the disolution of the mighty Hammer of the Goddess. Humbled and fumbling toward evolution, this incarnation was captured between the Berkshire Mountain snowbound solace and the healing power of Austin's tragic groove - a myriad of producers joined with Darwin's last face to paint these portraits of  "Spider" a song for Constance (Mrs Oscar Wilde), "Rope" in which the Klingon mantra "Its a good day for dying" is carnivalled in a theremin's wake, the bouncing keys contemplate the "Complicated" elements of falling in love, "Charming" is the brit-ish surreal pop fairy tale to scare girls to sleep at night, and the sparking well of wyrd stirs the hope of the cynic's salvation in "Soak in I"

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