Oscar WIlde's Serenade
  • Oscar WIlde's Serenade
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Musical translation by Darwin Prophet of  twelve of Oscar Wilde's poems. Originally conceived in 1881, these special transformations of word to sound were created by OW's formidible spirit and eloquence through the ears and voice of his time traveling companion Darwin. Included in this collection is the love for Helen in Paris' "Serenade", the ode to the great God  "Pan", the rolling waves of  "La Mer", the lilt of the sardonic "Chanson", the tender "To My Wife", a frisky romp "In the Forest", the tragic greek homage "The True Knowledge", walk in to the paint and pigment of "La Panneau", feel the moonlit reverie of "The Harlot's House",dance to a swirling "Canzonet", and rest in the peace and majesty of beloved sister Isola 's "Requiescat"

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