The Theme of it All

  Sharing my Present on this planet with the verse and core-us of sound; my focus here is to translate the relative theory of thematic timing through concentric infinity, a concept we call All Time and to share with you beautiful minds the collected color and creative chaos stored in the haloseum of my experience.  I am Darwin Prophet, traveler and aural exhibitionist from Planet Mi, the third sphere following the Phantom in the Galaxy Solfege.

Gathering intelligent life forms manifesting memorable art and encouraging the power of individualism is my goal where ever I am in the mobius. I am a member of the Thematic Guild of Planet Mi, and a leader of the subgrid NeoWave Elitists, the progenetors of Art for Art's Survival - a reflection of the Aesthetic Movement of Victorian England, literary influences of future worlds created as Science Fiction, and tales gathered of the limitless fountain of history combined with a musical empathy of Earth's 20th Century new wave phase.
Travelers ride the ages unbound by linear, defying gravity, relying on the mercurial nature of Mians to flow in & out of the history and future of the cosmos, bringing harmonic regeneration to life forms everywhere. We call it Timing
During the circle of time known as now, I am finding more and more reflections, here in linear, of those stepping in and out of the guise of Steampunk,
embraced by synchronistic notions Airships are collecting round the earth, and the children of the evolution are emerging from the vapid chaos of the 21st century shallows.
For all of you creators, I think the best description of our sound is NeoWave Pre-Raphealite Steam Pop.
To be more exacting...we are Literary Rock

All Time concepts are explored in depth in the "Thematic History of Planet Mi" - all images, sounds, and thoughts portrayed here are
the property of darwin prophet, under protection of the Thematic Guild, and under supervision of the Navigation Observation Integrity Department, Galaxy Timiing Division, North City, Planet Mi. To those with inadvertent plageristic virus, the NOID are particularly nasty when required to replace erroneous data, to avoid the infinite calculations of amusing catasrophes our intrepid integrity dept can envision, be aware that intellectual property residing on this and these related pages was created by Darwin Prophet and  may not be hijacked without physical or electronic permission in evidence  - telepathic comminuques will not suffice.